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What is the best stock tracking software to use

What Is The Best Stock Tracking Software To Use?

Stock tracking software allows you to consolidate all of your investments in one place and watch their growth; in addition to tracking your equities, stock tracking software allows you to take a more comprehensive and holistic perspective of your investment portfolio.

As a result, stock portfolio tracker is required to grasp all of your positions and keep track of them at a glance. There are numerous stock monitoring software apps accessible, each claiming to be the finest stock tracking software app available, and many of them are paid services.

We will go through some of the top stock-tracking software apps in this post, which will allow you to easily see the performance of your entire portfolio as well as take a closer look at your individual positions.

Why Do You Need A Stock Tracking Software App?

The primary reason to use a stock tracking software is to keep up with stock market values, which is essential whether you are a frequent trader or a more conservative investor looking for the appropriate time to buy.

The finest stock tracking software will also allow you to keep track of your personal assets, which will help you understand how much your individual stocks are worth as well as the overall value of your portfolio in pre market trading.

Furthermore, some of the finest stock tracking software apps provide supplemental functions such as portfolio analysis, which provides feedback on the quality of the stocks you have invested in and also assists you in selecting the most effective investments to round out your portfolio.

Best Stock Tracking Software Apps

Some stock-tracking software apps are meant for hands-off investors who only want to keep track of the market, while others are designed for seasoned investors who want the most up-to-date technical analysis and reports.

However, our list of the top stock monitoring software applications covers the finest app in each category, so you may be sure in which platform is appropriate for you with just a little light reading.

1. Empower

Empower stock monitoring software app’s goal is to let you track all of your money in one place, including your investments such as stocks, bonds, and other assets, as well as your cash. As a result, having all of your money in one location allows you to see the big picture and make the best financial decisions.

The Empower app is available in both free and premium editions, and it allows you to track a variety of indicators, including your net worth and cash flow, as well as help with your budget and savings. There are also retirement and education planners to help you stay on track with your long-term goals, and for investors, they provide a free analyzer to ensure you understand every cent you are charged on your investment accounts. They also provide a useful investing checkup tool that analyses risk, creates target allocation suggestions, and examines past performance.

2. M1 Finance

Investing and tracking investments are combined in one location with the M1 Finance stock tracking software, which has no broker fees, commissions, or minimum balance requirements.

As a result, you have complete control over investing in stocks and ETFs with M1, but they stand out for their pre-generated portfolios, which are ideal for taking a hands-off approach if you are unsure about picking investments on your own.

The M1 stock tracking program includes “Pie,” which allows you to readily visualize the composition of your portfolio as it is divided up across your numerous assets in over 6,000 equities and ETFs. Furthermore, the app includes automated capabilities that allow you to dynamically rebalance when their software indicates that it is essential, and you may open a range of additional sorts of accounts, including IRAs, savings accounts, and joint accounts.

3. Morningstar

The Morningstar stock monitoring software provides a deep analysis of stocks by delving into the details of your assets, and its portfolio manager allows you to track stocks, funds, and bonds, as well as the purchase dates and amount paid for each share.

Along with the portfolio manager, you will have access to the Morningstar rating system, which assigns a rating from 1 to 5 to each asset based on their investing characteristics. The app combines these scores to evaluate the overall quality of your portfolio, and it also provides regular updates at the frequency you specify, as well as the portfolio X-Ray function, which helps you understand specifics about your holdings.

4. MoneyPatrol

MoneyPatrol stock tracking tool tracks your money and investments and saves all of your accounts in one place. The investment tracking tool, on the other hand, is simply a small part of the financial management services they provide, where you can observe how your stock portfolio is going in the same spot.

Along with the stock tracker, the app allows you to monitor transactions, set spending and income notifications, create budgets, and even receive bill reminders. Furthermore, you may generate reports that show you the general picture of how your money is allocated and spent, but the program does not provide detailed stock knowledge or analysis.

5. TradeStation

TradeStation is yet another stock tracking app that combines stock tracking and trading in one app, as well as a range of essential tools for serious traders. The TradeManager tool allows you to track all of your holdings in one location, displaying helpful indicators such as quantity, average price, total cost, and market value for each of your investments.

Another interesting tool on TradeStation is their RadarScreen, which allows you to create a list of up to 1,000 symbols that the software watches and ranks in real-time using over 180 fundamental and technical indicators that you can customize.

Furthermore, you may access a wide range of assets using the TradeStation stock tracking software, including stocks, ETFs, IPOs, options, futures, crypto, mutual funds, and bonds.

6. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a terrific way to learn and get insights from investment experts and peers in the investing community. You can track your stocks, access research tools, and get recommendations on how to invest all in one spot.

They feature a community with a huge number of investing-minded brains gathered in one place, and you may use their knowledge to make the greatest investment selections.

Furthermore, if you subscribe to their premium service, you will gain access to a range of rating metrics, such as what their own authors are saying and the Quant ratings, which incorporate over 100 metrics provided every day.

7. Kubera

Kubera is a true dedicated tool for tracking stocks and investments, allowing users to connect their financial accounts via Plaid and integrate real-time data into the app. The program allows you to view only your options by separating them from the rest of your accounts, allowing it to work as a pure stock tracker.

You can manually enter your stocks or import them from your exchange or brokerage into the Kubera stock tracking software tool, which also accepts crypto investments in addition to regular investments.

8. Webull

Webull is a trading application that provides a variety of stock tracking services and is free to download, so anyone can use those functions for free. You may check stock prices in real time and obtain a greater insight of the market with their market overview function, which records the pace of advance in decrease, top gainers and losers, and the stocks that are most actively traded.

Furthermore, you gain access to which industries are performing the best, including major ETFs, bitcoin, and Forex, and if you want to trade on this platform, you don’t have to pay commissions and there is no minimum account requirement.


It is critical to have a location where you can go to quickly examine how your investment portfolio is functioning, and if it is difficult to comprehend, you will not use it. However, if you are investing thousands of dollars in the market, it is worthwhile to invest in a stock tracking software program that can help you attain your investment goals more quickly. Furthermore, stock tracking software can provide unprecedented insight into your asset allocation and risk exposure.


1.  How do I manage my stock portfolio?

Utilizing a stock portfolio tracker that you like and that offers clear, pertinent information to help you remain on top of your positions is the easiest way to keep track of the stocks in your portfolio.

2.  What is the finest stock tracking software?

WallStreetZen is my personal favorite stock portfolio tracker; it has the exact information I need and keeps me up to date on major developments in each of my stocks.