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What is a stock portfolio tracker and how it monitors your portfolio

What Is A Stock Portfolio Tracker And How It Monitors Your Portfolio?

It’s thrilling to measure your success once you’ve begun investing, and it makes sense because you’ve begun a new element of your money and want to keep an eye on things. A stock portfolio tracker can also help you keep track of your stocks and their progress.

A stock portfolio tracker is an important component of your trading technology stack, but what exactly is a portfolio tracker? Let’s take a closer look at the portfolio tracker and why it’s crucial to choose the best stock tracking software and your assets.

What Is A Stock Portfolio Tracker?

A portfolio tracker is an online application that allows you to monitor the movements of your investments and view your current balance, gains and losses, holdings, and how your investments are performing in relation to your short and long-term goals. An online stock portfolio tracker gives you fast and real-time access to all of this information.

Why Stock Portfolio Tracker Is Important?

It is not a good idea to invest without the assistance of an investment portfolio tracker because it assists in many ways, including making it easier to understand the overview of your account and determining which of your investments are gaining and losing like investment in dapper labs stock.

Furthermore, an investment portfolio tracker will assist you in diversifying your investments through proper asset allocation. So, if you want to open and actively maintain an investing account, an online portfolio tracker can help you.

Benefits of Using a Stock Portfolio Tracker

Your investment portfolio is vital for your long-term financial well-being, but you don’t have to spend hours reviewing and managing it.

When you use an online stock portfolio tracker, you save time because the program does everything for you. Here are a few advantages to employing a stock portfolio tracker for your investing.

1. Improves your ability of decision making

Investing in the stock market can be thrilling, but it can also be stressful; when you make wise investment selections, you have more confidence in your ability to meet your financial objectives.

2. Better budget management

A stock portfolio tracker will function within your parameters and ensure that you are investing according to your financial resources.

3. Keeps a record of all your investments

The key benefit of using a stock portfolio tracker is that you may learn from your mistakes in order to make better judgments in the future. With an online portfolio tracker, you can keep track of your investments at all times.

4. You can easily identify your investing needs

You can closely evaluate your asset allocation to date using a stock portfolio tracker, which aids in understanding your individual needs.

Features of a Stock Portfolio Tracker

A portfolio tracker must include all of the elements that you require as well as any that you wish to experiment with in the future. Here are some of the essential characteristics of a portfolio tracker.

1. Shows the number of stocks traded

You can never have a good grip on how your stock portfolio is performing if you do not know the quantity of stocks traded, and it may prevent you from comprehending the performance of previous investments.

2. Supports your favourite brokerages

Because not all portfolio trackers support all brokerages, it is critical to select a tracking tool that supports the brokerages you are familiar with; otherwise, the chosen stock portfolio tool will be useless.

3. Provides an analysis tool

A stock portfolio tracker provides a variety of analysis tools to assist you in making smarter investments. A stock analysis tool, for example, will supply you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions. Furthermore, these analytical tools will supply you with information ranging from ratings to prior performance.

4. Have an integrated news feed

Because recent news has an impact on stock performance, the ideal portfolio tracker will contain an integrated news feed that allows you to stay up to date on new stories that may affect your investments.

What to Monitor With A Stock Portfolio Tracker?

Although a portfolio tracker provides several statistics about your investments, you should focus on fewer details to properly monitor your investments, such as overall stock performance, which displays how your investments did over the past year.

You should also keep an eye on your dividend yield to see if your equities pay dividends and if you are reinvesting them. Another item to keep an eye on is asset allocation, which provides information about your various assets and shows you whether you have invested too much in a certain firm or class.

Choosing the Right Stock Portfolio Tracker

There are several stock portfolio trackers to pick from, so you won’t have to sift through a plethora of them to discover the one that’s appropriate for you and your assets. However, it is a difficult scenario, and many of you may need to spend more time comparing your possibilities with different portfolio trackers. So, here are some of the finest methods for selecting a portfolio tracker quickly:

1. Know the features

Concentrate on the elements that you require in your portfolio tracker, since this will allow you to swiftly narrow down your options.

2. Go through the reviews

Because you are not the only one with an investment portfolio, there will be numerous reviews of a certain portfolio tracker, and you should read as many third-party and individual reviews as you can to locate the ideal one for you.

3. Take a trial run

Before you choose a portfolio tracker, take advantage of any trial offers that are available. This will allow you to test the tool to determine if it fulfills your specific demands.

DIY Alternative To Portfolio Trackers

When investing in the stock market, a portfolio tracker is crucial to assist you manage your money. If you’re seeking for alternatives to portfolio trackers, here are a few suggestions.

For example, you can use a spreadsheet to create your own stock portfolio tracking system to monitor performance and relevant statistics. The only disadvantage of utilizing a spreadsheet for portfolio tracking is the time it takes and the concern about accuracy.

Furthermore, you can use the stock research tools provided by your brokerage, but they are not as strong as specialist portfolio monitors.


You may now have a better knowledge of what a portfolio tracker is and the advantages of utilizing one to track your investing success. So, you may now try out one of the portfolio tracker programs to see whether it can help your money.


1.  How frequently is the data in a portfolio tracker updated?

To deliver the most accurate information, a portfolio tracker should update your account in real-time.

2.  Will a portfolio tracker assist me in making more money?

There is no assurance, but a tracker can help you better understand which investments have historically made you money. This enables you to make better selections in the future.

3.  Is it safe to use stock portfolio trackers?

Yes. The best stock portfolio trackers are safe and secure to use. This applies both online and via a portfolio management app.